Bandit Architectural

Refurbish, don’t replace. Beautiful interior finishes at a fraction of the cost. We install 3M Dinoc, 3M Fasara and a wide range of wallpapers.

What is Bandit Architectural?

The Bandit Signs Architectural division offers the opportunity to completely redesign your interior at a fraction of the cost and time of replacing and redoing the finishes and furnishings.
Using 3M’s advanced DI-NOC technology, Bandit Signs can change the look of any surface with a huge range of architectural designs and finishes. The application possibilities are endless.
From lobbies to offices, we can help you create the mood or atmosphere you are looking for, quickly, quietly and without the mess of construction.

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We are a 3M Select Graphic Provider and are 3M MSC warranty approved. We don’t compromise on quality.