Bandit Fleet

Collectively we have more than 50 years experience with Fleet and will advise you on the best materials for the branding project. We are specialists in fleet audits, problem solving vinyl and application failures, brand management and much more.

Why go for Truck Fleet Branding

We are geared for Fleet, no matter how big. Collectively we have more than 30 years, experience with fleet and will advise you on the best materials for your project. Our 3M MCS (Matched Component System) certification will give you peace of mind, with a written warranty for your fleet. The strict measures put in place ensure that we only use the best 3M materials, approved digital machines, OEM inks, batch recording, temperature controls as well as strict drying times and curing before application. We are specialists in this field and will audit your fleet, problem solve vinyl and application failures and advise you on solutions. All of our applicators are fully trained by 3M and have a 4-star rating which is the highest certification possible.