Vehicle Branding Information

Frequently asked Questions that we would like to answer for you right away if you are looking at branding your vehicle.

Q: What is a vehicle wrap?

A: A vehicle wrap is where your entire vehicle is applicated with a thin film of vinyl to change the colour or express yourself with an image or company logos etc. There are 2 types of wraps, the first is using a solid colour called pigmented vinyl or sometimes referred to as SPOT colour. There is no printing involved and no laminate. The second type is digitally printed onto film and then laminated to protect the ink. Cast vinyl is normally used for both types as the material can stretch and has incredible adhesion properties.

Q: How is a wrap designed?

A: Our design studio are vehicle wrapping design specialists. They design the wrap in such a way that it fits the vehicle perfectly, that text is not in the way of door handles or beading, and that they maximise the space to ensure that you will be seen out on the road.

Q: How is a wrap printed?

A: We use state of the art digital printers to print our wraps. All our machines are approved by 3M and we only use original equipment manufactured ink. This ensures that we comply with our 3M matched component system warranty. Once printed the material is sent to our drying room for 24 hours for the ink to dry, then it is laminated and will cure for another 12 hours before application.

Q: How do you wrap a vehicle?

A: Our installers are put through a rigorous apprentice programme before they are given the title of expert installer. Once the have reached this level, they are capable of handling the most intricate design wrap installations. The vinyl material is accurately laid out and applied to the vehicle – the actual process is extremely precise, requires a lot of experience and is difficult to explain in writing.

Q: Are car wraps applied to windows?

A: Yes, but only rear side and rear windows. Window wraps are printed on a special perforated vinyl called contravision that allows the driver to see through the rear and side rear windows.

Q: What if the company information on my wrap changes, can it be replaced?

A: Yes. Graphics, logos, and phone numbers (or any part of the design) can be changed, reprinted and re-installed as overlays on the car wrap.

Q: Can a wrap be removed?

A: Yes the wrap can be removed. The longer the film has been on the vehicle the more difficult it will be to remove. We suggest that you don’t attempt this yourselves, but rather let us handle it for you.

Q: Will the wrap damage my paint?

A: A vehicle wrap, when applied correctly won’t damage your paint, in fact it will protect it. We use 3M knifeless technology to ensure that we don’t cut into your paintwork. The exception to this, is if your vehicle has been resprayed, accident damaged, we have had cases where paint has lifted due to repairs by panel beaters. Your vehicle could also be at risk if it has a clear coat and is older than 5 years (most metallic vehicles have a clear coat).

Q: Will you pay me to drive my car with someone else’s advertising?

A: Not directly but Brand your Car does have multiple Influencer Marketing campaigns. Register at

Q: How do I care for my wrap?

A: It is best to hand wash your vehicle. Avoid pressure washers. Washing your car with a soft clean cloth will give you the best result.

Q: How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?

A: Most of our wraps are done in the same day, but to be sure allow for 2 days just in case we run out of time. For speciality wraps like our 3M 1080 range allow for 3 days. This is the actual wrap time, you still need to allow a few days for design work, printing, drying, lamination and curing so your lead time will be not less that 1 week unless it is a solid colour wrap off the roll.

Q: Do you wrap anything other than vehicles?

A: Yes. We can wrap boats, jet skis, motorcycles, laptops, buildings and storefronts.

Q: How much do you charge for artwork?

A: Any artwork changes or colour changes will be charged for at R590.00 per hour.