If you are looking for quality machine poured domes then look no further. Bandit Signs has the best quality domes on the market.

Send your enquiry to sales@banditsigns.co.za and we will send you a quote or contact us on 011 462 5520.

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Do you have a fleet of trucks just DYING to stand out and bring you more business? Well look no further!

Bandit Signs has what it takes to brand your entire fleet of trucks in record time, with record precision.

Let your vehicles work for you, call us today on 011 462 5520

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Living the dream on the racetrack?

Why not take that home with you?

The bike, the racetrack, the memory, the feeling, the adrenaline, take it all home!

Wallpaper application with a high-resolution image may be the solution you are looking for and if not, we can assist with whatever you desire.

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We’re your car and vehicle wraps experts! Whatever you need, our full-colour large format printing and 3M Certified installation services will be sure to make your vehicle turn heads!

Our professional design team and 3M Certified MCS installers will transform your vehicle/s into a 24/7 advertising tool!

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Take a peek behind the scenes at Bandit Signs. You’ve seen the finished product, now have a look at the processes. Bandit Signs has a number of different printers, each with their unique qualities and special features. Large format printing has never been this easy! If you would prefer to have your designs cut out of a pre-pigmented vinyl instead of printed, our cutting machine gets the job done. No matter what you need, Bandit Signs is here to help.

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Solid colour vinyl can be used to make your vehicles stand out in extremely effective ways.

For cost effective ways of branding your fleet, contact Bandit Signs today.

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Effective advertising not only create a great first impression, but also creates a lasting first impression.

Delivery vehicles are a powerful branding and marketing tool and here at Bandit Signs we understand the importance of vehicle graphics or wraps when it comes to managing your marketing & branding plans.

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Big Event?

To many names to remember?

Why not use faces instead?

This will not be unseen or forgotten. TBN has asked Bandit Signs to assist in their branding needs to make sure they will be seen and that no one will forget that they were there.

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