Bandit Signs

Bandit has a wide variety of signs on offer, whether it’s a simple banner, a safety sign or a national rebrand, we have the capacity to get the job done.

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With machinery that can print up to 3m wide, we can handle super large digital PVC and wallpaper prints. For all other materials including Vinyl, Canvas, Paper and PVC’s that are limited to 1370mm or 1500mm, we have UV, latex and solvent printers.  Whatever digital printing requirement, we have you covered.

Our technology is the core of our business. For this reason, we have invested in the tools and skills to ensure that we deliver vibrant high-quality prints every time. We use only the best 3M approved machinery and OEM inks.

We offer a large variety of signage including Dinoc boards, whiteboards, retail , point of sale, property signs, banners, wallpapers, reception signs, lazer cut signs and so much more.

When requesting a quote, send us as much information as possible, so that we can start preparing your quote ahead of our site visit. If you have any site pics, sketches or dimensions please send the information through. We have a wide variety of technologies and partners in the industry to find you the best solution to suit your needs.

ABS and Correx Boards Printed and Cut to Shape

Our Summa Professional Flatbed Finishing System is an award-winning solution for producing innovative signage, displays, samples, packaging applications, and more.

We can to cut through a variety of substrates including ABS, Correx, vinyl, cardboard, Foamboard, PVC, Industrial gasket, we also have capacity to do short runs of bespoke cardboard boxes.

Dibond and Chromadek Signs

We manufacture the traditional Chromadek signs with or without frame, but prefer to use Dibond, which is Half the weight of aluminium, Dibond® is a rigid, durable, aluminium-composite material consisting of two pre-painted sheets of 3 mm aluminium bonded to a solid plastic core.

It is an excellent replacement for aluminium, MDF (medium-density fibreboard), plywood, thick gauge plastics and some laminated fluted/solid core sheets. It comes in 3m x 1,5m sheets. So basically no more bowing and no more ripples, We also glue Dibond to the frame using 3M’s VHB tape, so no more un slightly rivets.

PVC Banners

We print and make up any size PVC banners finished to your spec, either with ropes and eyelets or sewn up for your pocket and bar billboards. Our UV printer can handle materials up to 3m wide, then we simply just weld the panels together and finish them to your spec.

General Signage

There are so many different sign solutions available and mostly custom made, let us know what you need and if we cant assist then we will refer you to someone who can.

Safety Signs

We manufacture a wide variety of safety signs for buildings, so send us your wish list


We print and flight billboards, our fast turnaround time keeps this product super popular.

Outdoor Branding

We manufacture a wide range of portable outdoor branding including Gazebos, starting off at 1,5m x 1,5m up to 8m x 4m Heavy duty units.

Table cloths, car dash price boards, pop up A frames, sharkfin banners, telescopic banners & branded fence wraps.


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