Quality Guarantee

We don’t compromise on quality

Bandit is a 3M MCS Select Partner

Bandit is a 3M Select Graphic Provider. This allows us to extend the 3M MCS Warranty to our clients, ensuring that your images will perform as expected for the life of the graphic. MCS stands for “Matched Component System”, which means that we print on the correct base material with approved and tested OEM machines and inks, we laminate with matching lam after adhering to strict drying and curing times and we applicate with our 3M certified installers.

We are proud to be part of an elite group of companies that carry the highest level of approval from 3M for its commercial graphics solutions. As a 3M Select Graphics Specialist with Silver status, you can be sure that our design, technical and installation teams have the qualifications and knowledge to successfully implement your project using high performance top quality graphics.

3M’s endorsement means you can trust us to deliver on quality and performance, providing you with all important peace of mind that your investment in design and installation is protected.

Bandit & Alternative Films

Our 3M partnership does not limit you to just 3M product, we also have a wide variety of digital films across the board from various carefully selected suppliers, where we also carry warranties in line with the material, be it a monomeric, polymeric or cast film.

Our team will advise alternative materials to match your budget and explain the expected lifespan and limitations on the various products.